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About Occumed Ltd.

Occumed ltd. combines Occupational Health and Safety in an effort to provide clients with a holistic service, tending to all their needs. Occumed ltd. partners with organizations on an international scale as well as locally, not only to establish itself as a leader in innovation and development of new Health and safety practice, but also to produce a quality product that will meet any standard in the world.


Occumed ltd. is intent on building a culture to promote safe work practices throughout the Caribbean. Our wide portfolio allows us to target problems ranging from Management Culture and Leadership all the way down to the training of staff. The aim is not to be piece of the puzzle of health and safety but rather a health and safety provider supplying the whole picture. This would aid in creating and maintaining high standards of service for the client, as well as it would allow one company to look at the practices of an organization in a strategic manner before tackling operational issues.


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