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Fall Protection Courses

Fall protection courses offered:

  • Awareness - Basic course to cover the basics of harness donning and the hazards of anchorage and safe connections.
  • Inspection - For personnel required to inspect fall protection equipment as a competent inspector. Participants will inspect and fill out inspection sheets as per the legislative requirements.
  • Ladder safety - Ladder falls have become one of the leading causes of industrial falls. This course is designed to review with the students the hazards associated with ladders, and is aided with hands-on training in the correct use and setup.
  • Roofing safety - Regulations make it mandatory for fall protection on roofs, but most training ignores these serious matters due to the complicated issues using protection while roofing. This program looks at everything from installing roof trusses and protecting workers on a roof from flat to square pitch applications.
  • Applied skills - Designed for lead hands, fore persons and supervisors required to administer personnel using the fall arrest system. Uses classroom and practical applications to enforce the use of the fall arrest system.
  • Fall protection management - An advanced course for personnel required to implement and design fall protection applications and systems. Working through the hierarchy of fall protection assessment, identify the hazard, implement appropriate controls, and enable workers to conduct their task safely and efficiently. It is extremely helpful to have a good working knowledge of fall protection prior to taking this program (includes 8 hour inspection course and 16 hour applied skills course - can be taken separately).
  • Industrial rescue - The rescue program is based on non-technical rescue skills using pre-rigged rescue systems. The course is specifically aimed at construction personnel required to maintain a rescue program and who have limited time to maintain the rigors of the technical rope rescue method.
  • Train the trainer - An intense five day program designed to train the participants to deliver a fall arrest awareness program. Attendees will deliver given modules in a classroom environment. There is a yearly maintenance requirement with this program to maintain the certification (yearly audit of a instructional class).


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