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Occupational Health


  • Pre-employment Medicals: To establish a prospective employee’s fitness for employment; including his/her ability to offer regular effective attendance with minimal absenteeism.
  • Annual Medicals: These medicals allow follow up of employees to ensure continued good health and maximum performance.
  • Insurance Medicals: Our panel of Doctor’s are recognized by many of the insurance companies as being qualified to perform these services and hence are registered providers to these companies. We ensure that all health questionnaires and accompanying paperwork is efficiently completed and returned to the particular Insurance Company in a timely fashion.
  • Executive Medicals: This medical is tailored made for your requirements and are designed to provide a full health assessment for your key personnel.
  • UKOOA Medicals: This is an offshore medical required by companies ensuring an individual’s ability to adequately work offshore. This medical covers an individual for a stipulated time period after which his offshore status needs to be reassessed and re-certified.
  • Standard Clinical Medicals: These medicals are offered to individuals who are sick and need to be assessed as well as to parties wanting a general check up not as extensive as that offered by the executive Medical

Diagnostic Services

All clinical laboratory services associated with the medicals are also available through Occumed Ltd. These services include but are not limited to

  • Lung function Testing (Spirometry): Spirometry is used to establish baseline lung function, evaluate dyspnea, detect pulmonary disease, monitor effects of therapies used to treat respiratory disease, evaluate respiratory impairment, evaluate operative risk, and perform surveillance for occupational-related lung disease.

  • Audiometric Testing: Audiometry consists of tests of function of the hearing mechanism. A complete evaluation of a patient's hearing must be done by trained personnel using instruments designed specifically for this purpose. Screening audiometry is a regularly undertaken hearing test at the workplace. It checks the effectiveness of the noise control measures undertaken by the company. This is integral in detecting noise induced hearing loss.

  • Alcohol and Drug Screening: Substance abuse is a common problem found in the workplace. Through our wide range of screening programs we aim to decrease the risks of accidents in the workplace thereby contributing to a healthier and safer working environment for all.

  • Blood/Urine/Sputum Investigations: Health surveillance programs adopted by our company often involve testing the variety of parameters listed above from the effects on blood (leukaemia)  in workers exposed to benzene in the workplace to urine lead levels in workers exposed to organic lead.

  • Other Diagnostic Tests included but are not limited to: X-rays, Stress Testing, Echocardiogram (ECG)

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