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Safety Courses

Safety courses offered:

  • Due diligence: Designed to give employees a knowledge of what is required today to meet a level of competence required on the work site to protect themselves and the company's interest
  • Risk assessments: To conduct hazard assessments on the work site. The course walks personnel through the identification of a hazard and methods of controlling the hazard.
  • Safe trenching: Covers employer and employee responsibility when conducting trenching operation, as well as the requirements when entering an excavation
  • Leadership foreperson: Course will benefit employees, lead hands, foreperson and supervisors. Looks at leadership principles, good communication skills, job responsibility, and how to maintain a safety program.
  • Human factors training: Program designed and used in reducing accidents in industry through having employees and employers understand the human factors behind accidents and cause analysis of accidents. Prevent the loss of human and company assets in your company before it happens to you.
  • Confined space entry: This course will certify the participants for entry and give the knowledge to identify a confined space, understand the hazards, and entry requirements. Will give a person the ability to fill out the required entry permit and requirement for the workers meeting prior to entry.
  • Confined space rescue: Through practical training exercises, students will write written rescue scenarios, be instructed in the set up, and rescue personnel in a confined space using non-entry rescue techniques.


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