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Workplace Risk Assessment

Doing a Workplace Risk Assessment is a Legislative MINIMUM!


Section 25G. (1) “ Every employer shall make a suitable and sufficient assessment of…”



A risk assessment is a careful examination of what could cause harm to people in the workplace. Doing a risk assessment will help employers identify the significant risks in their workplace, and avoid wasted effort by effectively targeting these. A good risk assessment will help avoid accidents and ill health, which can not only ruin lives, but can also increase costs to business through lost output, compensation claims and higher insurance premiums.


Risk assessment is a five stage process and involves:

  • looking for the hazards;
  • deciding who might be harmed and how;
  • evaluating the risks and deciding whether the existing precautions are adequate or whether more should be done;
  • recording your findings and telling your employees about them; and
  • reviewing your assessment and revising it if necessary, for example:
    • if the work changes significantly;
    • if there is an accident; or
    • when someone returns to work after sickness or injury, or suffers a change in their health, that could affect or be affected by their work. 1

Gap Analysis

A proper risk assessment includes a Gap Analysis. This analysis benchmarks where you organization currently stands in terms of systems, policies, procedures etc. in comparison with the minimum standards as defined by the OSH Act 2004.

For those organizations who may have already done a Workplace Risk Assessment we do offer a standalone Gap Analysis. The limitation of this procedure is that Occumed Ltd. cannot guarantee that all physical shortcomings have been addressed if it was not identified in your workplace risk assessment.


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